GoodSync 10.5.1-Powerful backup and sync software for Windows

GoodSync is a powerful sync tool that supports multiple sources. We can easily backup or sync local files with remote/cloud storage such as Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, Azure and many more. The new version of GoodSync 10.5.1 is now available for download. This new version brings many updates and bug fixes. GoodSync also support P2P synchronization which can be used to sync your files between your computers directly.

GoodSync support backup and sync feature. First, we need to specify the first folder/source and destination. We can choose to backup or sync to those folders. The autorun feature on this program can be used to automatically run the backup/sync process.

goodsync 10.5.1 screenshot 2.png

Before the backup/sync process take place, we need to analyze it first. It will check matching files on both sides. GoodSync works pretty fast and its very easy. The multi jobs feature will make your sync tasks a lot faster and easier to manage.

Backup to Google Drive made easier

goodsync google drive.png

GoodSync provides an easy way to backup files to Google Drive. Or, we can set to sync periodically. I prefer GoodSync way better than the official Google Drive Sync software. It supports Google Drive latest API version 3 to ensure better connection.

Download GoodSync 10.5.1


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