Got 30 pips on EURJPY 13 March 2014 using breakout strategy

Hi, I just want to share a powerful, easy and stress free strategy which I called Fibonacci breakout. Today is 13 March 2014 and EUR move stronger against JPY. This Fibonacci breakout is pretty simple and easy to use. But, sometimes it takes longer time to reach the target. Here is my trade on BUY EURJPY 13 March 2014

fibonacci breakout eurjpy

As you see on the chart, I found the latest resistent has been broken. Then I draw my Fibonacci retracement tool connecting the latest resistent and latest support. Thanks to the arrow indicator which shows the most significant support and resistant point. On the trade above I got 30 pips on EURJPY.

Will post another Fibonacci breakout strategy in the future. Its a promising, stress free and powerul strategy


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