Handy Backup 7.6.2, a powerful MySQL Backup software for Windows and Linux

If you are managing and administering MySQL server on your company or home, you may need a special MySQL backup software. There are many MySQL backup out there which provides capabilities to perform backup to MySQL server. Introducing Handy Backup 7.6.2, a simple, powerful and could be a perfect solution for MySQL backup and recovery tasks. It doesn’t matter if your MySQL server is running on a Windows machine or Linux machine. Handy Backup supports both versions.

Handy Backup 7.6.2 features:

  • Full MySQL backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Scheduled backup
  • Synchronize database
  • Roll back database at any time

Handy Backup 7.6.2 features a user friendly, wizard based backup method. Even a new users can backup a MySQL database.

handy backup free download

The backup can be stored on a local directory, remote FTP server and also we can notify the backup process via email.

handy backup 7.6.2 full version

Handy Backup 7.6.2 comes with a pretty simple interface.

handy backup 7.6.2 full version

Download Handy Backup 7.6.2 for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora etc.)

To download the most recent version of Handy Backup, you can visit this link. Select your system architecture and go from there.


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