How to backup Manjaro system using TimeShift 1.7.3

This tutorial will show you how to create a system backup on Manjaro Linux. System backup here means a disaster recovery backup where we can go back to a specific system state if anything happened to our Manjaro system. There are several backup solution for Linux but I choose Timeshift, a simple and free system backup and restore for Linux. It supports most Linux desktop including Manjaro.

First, install the latest TimeShift RSYNC 1.7.3 (when this post is written). Use this command on Manjaro to install Timeshift.

yaourt -S timeshift

Now run Timeshift.

Before we go through, it is advisable to put or save the backup on a separate disk. Here on this tutorial, I have the second disk connected to my Manjaro 0.8.13 desktop. Prepare the second disk, create new partition and format it. I use GParted to do this which is available on Manjaro 0.8.13.

disk partition on manjaro

Now after the backup disk is ready, its time to run Timeshift. Select the second disk on the Backup Disk section. Press Refresh button to refresh the list.

backup manjaro using timeshift 1

Now press Backup to create a new backup immediately. You can also create a scheduled backup. Click Settings and select how the backup schedule will be performed.

backup manjaro using timeshift 2

Now press Backup. The backup process will begin. Depends on the size of your system, this process should be finished in couple of minutes.

backup manjaro


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