How to Backup MySQL Database Using dbForge Studio for MySQL

As a database manager, I always dealing with backup tasks. Since backup is an important task that we need to prepare in regular base. In this article, I am going to show you how I perform backup to our MySQL Database. And the tool that I am using here is the new dbForge Studio for MySQL full version.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is an ultimate tool for MySQL database administrator. It has all features you need to manage your database. OK so if you are new to MySQL, you may be confused with the backup command line using mysqldump tool. It’s a great tool though but it does not have a GUI. So if you are looking for a nice, simple tool, then this dbForge is for you. Please note that this is not a paid review for this dbForge Studio software.

Steps to Backup MySQL Database Using dbForge Studio for MySQL

First of all, download and install your own copy of dbForge Studio for MySQL. It is not a freeware but you can obtain a free trial version from the official website. Install it and let’s go.

Step 1. Create a new database connection

Before we can backup a database, we need to create a new connection. Open dbForge Studio and then go to Database >> Create a new connection.

Step 2. Start Backup

After you create a new connection to the MySQL Database, you should see your database on the left panel. Right-click the database you want to backup and then go to Backup and Restore. Choose Backup Database. The backup window configuration will open up.

Provide the path for the backup file. You can also adjust some other options such as append timestamp to the backup file and so on. Hit Next button and choose objects to backup.

On the next window, you can specify some options such as include some create scripts.

Error handling options

Finally, hit Backup button to start the backup process.

Backup MySQL Database is an easy task with the help of this dbForge Studio for MySQL. To get more features, make sure you have the latest dbForge Studio for MySQL full version. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.


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