How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

I live in Indonesia and use the internet connection provided by Telkom. I use IndiHome internet package which unfortunately does not support Netflix. In other word, I cannot watch any movies from Netflix with my current internet. So, sad. Finally, I had to cancel my Netflix subscription. In the following article, I am going to show you how to cancel Netflix subscription in case someone need it.

Step by Step to Cancel Netflix Subscription

Step 1. Log in to Netflix

Navigate to and sign in with your Netflix username and password.

Step 2. Choose Profile

If you have multiple profiles, click the main one.

Step 3. Go to Account and Cancel the Membership

Once in the main profile, go to your Account. You can do this by clicking the top right avatar button and then click Account.

In your Account page, you will see your details including credit card numbers etc. Then, click Cancel Membership as shown above. Next, click the Finish Cancellation button.

Cancel Netflix Subscription

That’s it. Now I have successfully cancelled my Netflix subscription. Thanks for reading this article.


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