How to convert CSV to DBF using Advanced CSV Converter 4.25

The new version of Advanced CSV Converter 4.25 is now available. Advanced CSV Converter  is a Windows program that will help you to convert .csv file to another formats such as .dbf, txt, html, xls, xml, sql and rtf. Here I want to share about how to convert CSV file to DBF using Advanced CSV Converter.

First, you can download Advanced CSV Converter 4.25 and install it. Now open the application and browse to the .csv file you want to convert.


Next, specify the destination folder by pressing Browse button. Press Next when done.


On the next page, you can see the content of the .csv file. Select either Comma, Tab, Semicolon or Other delimiter on the source file. If the first line of the .csf file contains header you must check the option "Header in first line". Press Finish to complete the process.


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