How to create a share folder in Ubuntu 16.04

If you work in a networked computers, file sharing is very important. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS comes with a handy file/folder sharing feature. This feature actually already exist on previous Ubuntu version as well. If you have a folder (for example) that you want to share on the network so other people can access from their computer or devices, you will need to enable the Local Network Share feature on that folder.

See how to create a share folder in Ubuntu 16.04

First, create a new folder that is going to be shared on the network. You may also use existing folder in your Home directory for example. In this example, I am going to share a folder called Share in my Home directory.

share folder 1Right click on the folder and select Local Network Share

share folder 2After that, a sharing setting window will come up. We need to change some settings depends on how this folder will be accessed by others from the network.

share folder ubuntuMake sure you check the option “Share This folder” and give a share name for it. This share name will be visible to others on the network. If you want to enable the public access for this shared folder, you have to check the other two options. Enable Guest Access and also enable allow others to create and delete files in this folder. Click Create Share to start the share. If Guest access is not enabled, only samba users on the computer can access the share folder.


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