How to create a stripping volume on FreeNAS 9.3.0

FreeNAS is a powerful Operating System for your Server. It has a lot of features you need on a server. On this tutorial, I will show you how to create a stripping volume on FreeNAS 9.3.0. Stripping volume is a combine of two or more hard disks into a single volume. The size of the new volume will be disk one plus disk two. Stripping disk is the process of dividing a body of data into blocks and spreading the data blocks across multiple storage devices, such as hard disks or solid-state drives (SSDs). A stripe consists of the data divided across the set of hard disks or SSDs, and a striped unit, or strip, that refers to the data slice on an individual drive (Source).

To create a stripping volume on FreeNAS, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to FreeNAS web management.
  2. Go to Storage | Volume | Volume Manager

create stripping volume 1

Give a name for the new volume, select Stripe from the volume layout and adjust the disks accordingly. Click Add Volume to start the process. It will take some times. Wait until it completed.

create stripping volume 2

At this point, the new Stripping volume is successfully created. Thanks for reading my post.


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