How to create Fedora 21 Live USB on Windows 8

The new Beta version of Fedora 21 is now available for download. This new Beta brings many improvements since previous version. Here I just want to show you how to create Fedora 21 Live USB from a Windows 8 machine. With this Live USB, we can test the new Fedora 21 features and performance directly from a USB flash disk. Create Fedora 21 Live USB on Windows 8 is pretty easy and I have tested this method and it works perfectly on Fedora 21 GNOME edition on 4 GB flash disk.

We need a small program called Rawrite32 to create Fedora 21 Live USB. Its a free Windows Software.


  • A Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine
  • 4 GB flash disk or greater
  • Rawrite32 application. You can download it here.
  • Fedora 21 ISO file. Download

Steps to create Fedora 21 Live USB on Windows 8

A. Open Rawrite32

fedora 21 live usb 1

By default, your ISO files will not visible on Rawrite32. You have to change the file type to All Files. See the above image. Now select Fedora 21 ISO and press Open. At this point your USB flash disk should be inserted already to the USB port.

B. Create Fedora 21 Live USB

fedora 21 live usb 2Now make sure the Target is your USB flash disk. Press Write to disk to start creating Fedora 21 Live USB. When done, reboot your computer and boot into your USB flash disk. You may need to change the boot order from BIOS.

Enjoy Fedora 21 Live USB.



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