How to create Ubuntu instance on Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Amazon Web Service is a Cloud platform which let us to create virtual machines on Amazon Cloud platform. On this tutorial, I want to show you how to create Ubuntu instance on Amazon Web Service EC2. First, we must have AWS account. Amazon provides a free tier account which lets us to try various AWS services such as Amazon EC2 to create virtual machines.

Steps to create Ubuntu instance on Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Login to AWS console using your account. Go to Services and click EC2. On the EC2 dashboard, click Launch Instance to open the virtual machine creation wizard.

create instance on amazon ec2

On the next page, we need to choose the Amazon Machine Image. You can select image from many developers or distributions such as Ubuntu, Windows, Red Hat and many more.

create instance on amazon ec2 1

Find Ubuntu from the list and press Select to continue to the next step

 aws create new instance 1

Now select the instance type. You can select your preferred instance type from the list. Make sure you understand that additional charge may apply to your selection. Press Next to configure instance details

aws create new instance 2

Adjust the instance details such as how many instance you want to create using the AMI or simply use the default option. Next we need to add storage for the new instance. Click Add New Volume to add new volume to the instance.

aws create new instance 3

Next is to create the tag for the current instance. Tag is important and helpful when you have multiple instances running. You can identify the instance using the tag we created.

aws create new instance 4

Now we need to create or specify the security group. We can create new security group or use existing security group. Security Group is a security setting on how the instance will be accessed from the internet. You can add or remove any type or protocol for the instance easily.

aws create new instance 5

Finally we reached the final step of creating new instance on Amazon Web Service. Make sure all settings are correct and press Launch to start the virtual machine.

aws create new instance 6

When Launch button is pressed, you will see the keypair creation window. You can select your existing key pair or create a new one. Make sure you download the new key pair and save it on a secure place. You cannot download this new key pair later. So, make sure you download and save it properly.

aws security pair

Press Launch Instances to start the instance. You will see the following window when the instance is successfully launched and started. Click View Instance to see the detailed information about the new instance.

launch instance on aws

Now you can see the status of your new instance and start manage it.

aws new instance


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