How to import Microsoft Excel data to ArcGIS 10.2

This tutorial will show you how to easily import or open Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx, .xls) on ArcGIS. I am using ArcGIS version 10.2.2 on this tutorial. It is very easy to import Excel data to ArcGIS geodatabase format. First, off course prepare the excel file. On this example, I have an excel file containing rock sample location. It has coordinates, and some other information in the excel table. To import, follow these steps.

On ArcGIS, go to ArcToolbox and go to Data Interoperability Tools. Then select Quick Import

quick import arcgis

Select Microsoft Excel from the list.

open excel on arcgis 10

Press OK and you will see the overview for the data to be imported.

import excel to arcgis 10.2

Next, provide the destination folder for the output staging geodatabase.

import excel to arcgis 10.2 2

Press OK and you are done. Now open it on ArcMap

arcgis 10.2 full version tutorial


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