How to install Numix Icon Theme on Fedora 22

Fedora 22 comes with Adwaita icon theme as the default icon theme. Its not bad at all but for me it can be better than that. One of my favorite icon theme is Numix Circle. I was successfully installed Numix Icon Theme Circle on my Fedora 22 Gnome edition. Here is a screenshot of it:

numix icon theme on fedora 22

As you can see, Numix icon theme circle is fully fit my Fedora 22 Workstation. Numix Icon Theme is the best icon theme for Linux. If you want to install Numix Icon Theme Circle on Fedora 22, you can follow these steps. There are various steps you can choose. But this one also works.

A. Download Numix Icon Theme Circle

I use git to download the icon theme. Open Terminal and execute this command to download the package.

cd /tmp

The command will produce a new directory called numix-icon-theme-circle inside /tmp directory. You may change /tmp directory to any other

B. Move the icon theme to /usr/share/icons

cd /tmp/numix-icon-theme-circle
mv Numix-Circle /usr/share/icons
mv Numix-Circle-Light /usr/share/icons

C. Change the icon theme

You will need Gnome Tweak Tool to change the icon theme on Fedora. Install Gnome Tweak Tool first

dnf install gnome-tweak-tool

Now open it and change the icon theme to Numix.

install numix icon theme on fedora 22

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy it and share it to spread this.


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