How to install Spotify on Fedora 25

Spotify is a popular online music service and player. This tutorial will show you how to install Spotify on Fedora 25.┬áSpotify is not available in Fedora repository, so we need another way to install it. But fortunately, we can easily install Spotify via Fedy. Fedy is a GUI tool that lets us install many third party packages or software that Fedora doesn’t ship.

So, to install Spotify on Fedora 25 follow these steps.

Step 1. Install Fedy

Open Terminal and paste the following command to install Fedy

curl | sudo bash

Step 2. Install Spotify

Once Fedy is installed, open it and look for Spotfiy from the list. Click Install to start the installation.

install spotify on fedora 25.gif

Now, run Spotify to start using it.

spotify on fedora 25.png

On this tutorial, I am using Korora 25, a Fedora based Linux desktop. On my previous post, I was unable to run Spotify on Fedora 25 with Wayland. I hope with current update, this error was fixes as in my Korora 25.


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