How to install Desktop on Fedora 23

If you are a WordPress blogger, you may want to install the desktop application of WordPress. Its a pretty cool application which allows you to manage, add new post, edit or even delete posts and some other administrative tasks to your WordPress powered website/blog. WordPress Desktop is available for Windows and also Linux. Fedora 23 users can easily run this WordPress Desktop.

wordpress desktop on fedora 23.png

To install WordPress Desktop on Fedora 23, follow these steps.

First, download the WordPress Desktop package from the official website. You may use this direct link to download it. Now you should have a package called wordpress-com-linux-x64-1-3-1-tar.gz.

Now we need to extract the package. Right click on the file and select extract here. It will produce a new directory called Open the directory and then right click on the file and select Run. All you do now is to login using your WordPress account. Or you may create a new one.

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