How to join Windows 8 to Samba Primary Domain Controller

On my previous tutorial, I’ve shown how to build a Primary Domain Controller on Ubuntu 13.10 Server. After the PDC server is up and running we need to join or add computer to the PDC server. This tutorial is going to show you how to join Windows 8 to Samba Primary Domain Controller.

On Windows 8, Open File Explorer and right click on Computer and select Properties.

windows 8 pdc -c

On the System page, click Advanced System Settings and click Computer Name tab.

windows 8 pdc -d

Next, click Change click Domain and type the domain name of the PDC server.

windows 8 pdc -a

Press OK and you will be asked for user name and password. You must type the administrator user and password for the PDC server. This is not the local administrator password but the administrator password for the Domain Controller.

windows 8 pdc -e

Reboot PC after all. And log in using the username and password created on the Domain Controller. Upon reboot, you have to select Other User and make sure you are trying to sign in to the Domain Controller.

windows 8 pdc sign in

Note: On Windows 7 and Windows 8, you may need to download and install the registry patch before attempting to join Windows 8 to a Samba Domain Controller. Download the registry patch from here. Double click it to install.


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