How to make GNOME looks like Mac OS Sierra

If you want to make your Linux looks like Mac OS X Sierra, you can apply this nice theme called MacOS-Sierra theme. Less effort to turn your Linux looks like Mac OS X.  And thanks to Boomerang Project team who created this great theme for Linux to be looks like Mac OS X Sierra. I think this is the best Mac OS X Theme for Linux available out there. There is Macbuntu theme that mimic Mac OS X as well but personally, I love this MacOS Sierra theme for Linux.

mac os sierra theme for linux

On this tutorial I am using Solus OS 2017 GNOME edition but you may apply this theme to any other distribution such as Ubuntu GNOME, Unity, Linux Mint Cinnamon and many others. Officially, MacOS-Sierra supports the following Desktop Environments:

  • Gnome
  • Cinnamon
  • Unity
  • Xfce
  • Pantheon
  • Budgie

How to make GNOME looks like Mac OS X Sierra

Step 1. Download MacOS-Sierra

Step 2. Download La Capitaine Icon Theme

Step 3. Apply theme

Once you download MacOS-Sierra theme and icon, extract them and then copy or move the extracted directory to the following directory:

  • /usr/share/themes       #This is for theme
  • /usr/share/icons          #This is for the icon

Now open Tweak Tool and apply the new theme and icon from there.


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