How to mount remote folder using SSHFS on Fedora 22

SSHFS is another way we can use to mount remote directory to our local system. SSHFS is a secure file system client based on FUSE. On this tutorial I will show you how to use SSHFS to mount remote Linux directory or partition to Fedora 22. So, the Fedora 22 here act as a client computer which connect to a remote computer.

fedora 22 tutorial

First we need to install SSHFS on Fedora 22. You can use this command below to install sshfs package on Fedora 22 if you don’t have it yet.

dnf install sshfs

Once installed, we can start using it to mount remote file system to local directory for example /mnt.

sshfs root@ /mnt

The command will attempt to mount /home directory on as root. You can modify the command above with your own configuration. Please also note that that the IP address also support public IP address.


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