How to reset Windows password in easy way

Did you forget your Windows password? Losing Windows password could be a disaster for some people. But don’t worry, there is a super easy way to reset your Windows password. We can use Kon Boot to reset Windows password with minimal efforts. It supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. Kon Boot is not a freeware, you may download Kon Boot from the official website.

Steps to reset Windows password with Kon Boot

A. Boot your Windows using Kon Boot

Make sure you change the boot order from BIOS. Make the Kon Boot as first boot media.

B. It will boot to your Windows login screen and press Enter with blank password. After login, you can change your Windows password from Control Panel | User Account. If you did not change your password, after reboot your old password will be restored and no changes were made.

Watch this video below to see how it works


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