How to upgrade Elementary OS Freya to Loki-FAQ

Starting from now, I will post about FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). I created a new FAQ category on this blog. This new category will contains most asked question about Linux. But I it will not cover the actual/step by step solution. I will refers to another sources such as forum, website, blogs related to the asked questions.

How to upgrade Elementary OS Loki from Freya

How to upgrade Elementary OS Loki from Freya

I was looking for a possibility to upgrade to Elementary OS Loki from previous Elementary OS Freya. As you know, Loki is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Freya is based on the previous Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Many people looking for any possible way to upgrade to Loki from Freya without having to perform clean install.

Based on this tweet, which is posted by official person of Elementary OS, “it doesn’t look like that’s going to be possible this time around. A clean install will likely be required”. The similar question has been posted on this forum and there still no clear information on how to upgrade to Loki from Freya directly. Most of the users suggest to make a clean install of Elementary OS Loki.

If you have any better solution to upgrade to Eos Loki, please leave us comments, link or any other resources regarding this issue.


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