Install Odoo ERP appliance on Ubuntu 16.04 using Bitnami Script

I want to try Odoo, a popular ERP appliance that has been used by millions of  users out there. I was interested with Bitnami system which provides a ready to use Odoo appliance that can be run in the cloud or locally as virtual machine in VirtualBox or VMWare. Also, Bitnami provides another way to install Odoo ERP. Here I want to try to install Odoo ERP on my own server using the Bitnami installation script. I will let you know if this way is success or not. Also, I will show any errors that I encounter on this post.


My system configuration:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 fresh installed on Proxmox VE server as a virtual machine
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Core 2
  • Hard disk 20 GB

The installer distributed as .run file. So I think I can run this script on my newly installed server and wait for the completion. At least that what I was expected. Lets continue…

Steps to install Odoo on Ubuntu 16.04

  1. Install Ubuntu 16.04 Server
  2. Download Odoo installation script
  3. Run the script
  4. Finalization

Step 1. Install Ubuntu 16.04

As I mentioned, I installed a new Ubuntu 16.04 server only. No additional applications were installed except openSSH server.

Step 2. Download Odoo installation script

Since I manage my Proxmox server remotely, I have to connect to my Ubuntu 16.04 server via SSH.

ssh dhani@

Step 3. Install Bitnami Odoo installation script

Now make the script executable

chmod +x

Now install it with the following command:

sudo ./

You will be asked to enter the installation directory, or you may leave the default value.

install odoo ubuntu.gif

Wait until the installation completed. It will take some times to complete. Once completed, you can start using Odoo and configure it for your own needs. Type the server ip address and use the username and password we created during installation.

ubuntu odoo 1.png

ubuntu odoo 2.png

Thank you for reading this tutorial to install Odoo on Ubuntu 16.04. This tutorial has been tested to work with Ubuntu 16.04 Server and Odoo 9.0 from Bitnami.


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