Install OverGrive, Google Drive client on Fedora 22

I was looking for Google Drive client for my Fedora system and now I found OverGrive. OverGrive is a desktop application that act like Google Drive client for Linux. Its a user friendly application, easy to install and supports multiple Google Drive accounts. I will show you how to install OverGrive on Fedora 22.

First, download OverGrive RPM package that supports Fedora 22. You may download it from this link. Or, you can also use wget command to download.

cd ~/Downloads
dnf install overgrive/overgrive-3.0.11.noarch.rpm


[root@localhost Downloads]# dnf install overgrive-3.0.11.noarch.rpm
Last metadata expiration check performed 0:01:22 ago on Sat Aug 8 10:15:01 2015.
Dependencies resolved.
Package Arch Version Repository Size
libappindicator-gtk3 x86_64 12.10.0-8.fc22 fedora 40 k
libindicator-gtk3 x86_64 12.10.1-4.fc22 fedora 67 k
overgrive noarch 3.0.11-2 @commandline 100 k
python-devel x86_64 2.7.10-4.fc22 updates 396 k
python-httplib2 noarch 0.9.1-1.fc22 fedora 119 k
python-inotify noarch 0.9.6-1.fc22 updates 54 k
python-macros noarch 2.7.10-4.fc22 updates 60 k

Transaction Summary
Install 7 Packages

Total size: 836 k
Total download size: 736 k
Installed size: 2.2 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

Answer Y and the installation will proceed. Once finished, run OverGrive from application menu. On the first run, we will need to setup our Google Account to sync.

overgrive install fedora 1

Press OK to run OverGrive setup. On the next window, click Connect Account.

overgrive setup 1

It will open Google Account permission, you must Accept it to continue. Next, copy the code shown and paste into OverGrive setup window.

overgrive setup 2

overgrive setup 3

overgrive setup 4

Now click Validate. Do not forget to change the folder location. If you leave the default value, it also fine.

overgrive on fedora

Press Start Sync to start synchronize. Please note that OverGrive is a commercial software. You are allowed to use this software for 14 days free. After the grace periods over, you will need to purchase it.

Thank you


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