Install Plank 0.10 on Manjaro 15.09

Plank is a simple dock for Linux desktop. Plank, Docky, Atom Dock are the most popular dock on Linux desktop. It gives us a better and easier access to many applications and manage opened window easily. This tutorial will show you how to install Plank 0.10 on Manjaro 15.09. Plank is available on Manjaro repository so we can easily install Plank via Add/Remove Software. Here is the look of Plank 0.10 on my Manjaro 15.09 desktop.

plank on manjaroTo install Plank, open Add/Remove Software and type plank. Next right click on plank and select Install.

install plank on manjaroThat’s it. Thaks for reading this Manjaro tutorial to install Plank on manjaro 15.09.


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