Install Remix OS to USB Flash Disk

Remix OS is a new phenomenon in computing. This Android based Operating System can be run on a PC smoothly and its so gorgeous. Remix OS can be installed to Hard Drive and also USB Flash Disk. The dual boot mode can be installed from Windows OS only. So, as an alternative we can use USB Flash Disk for the installation so we can run it on any computer. This tutorial is going to show you how to install Remix OS to USB Flash Disk.

install remix os to usb flash disk


  • Windows OS (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
  • Remix OS for PC
  • USB Flash Disk with 4 GB or more space
  • Computer with 2 GHz Processor and 2 GB of RAM or more is required

Install Remix OS to USB Flash Disk

Step 1. Download Remix OS for PC.

Please use the link we provided below to download Remix OS for PC. It is delivered in Zip format.

Step 2. Install to USB

First extract the Zip file you’ve downloaded on step 1. You will see an ISO file and an executable file. Insert USB flash disk to USB port and the double click the .exe file. A new window will open up as follow.


Select the Remix ISO file from the extracted folder. Then, select USB Drive on the Type and select the drive letter for the USB flash disk. Press OK to start the process. Upon completion, reboot your computer and set the USB disk as the first boot from BIOS.



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