Install rsnapshot on ClearOS 7.2

By default, you won’t be able to install rsnapshot backup tool on ClearOS 7.2. We need to make some changes on the repository lists in order to be able to install rsnapshot on ClearOS 7.2. Here I will show you step by step to install rsnapshot on ClearOS 7.2. Before we can install rsnapshot on ClearOS system, first we need to enable some repositories.

Make sure you have the repository module installed on ClearOS. You can search and install Software Repository module via Marketplace.

Once you enable the Software Repository module, now you will need to enable the ClearOS-EPEL repository. Go to the repository page

After clearos-epel is enabled, its time to install rsnapshot. Log in to console mode and execute this command:

yum install rsnapshot


Answer y and press enter to confirm the installation. In a moment, rsnapshot should be installed on ClearOS server without any problems.


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