Korora 25, A Beautiful Linux Distribution Based on Fedora 25

Korora is a Fedora based Linux distribution dedicated for Desktop users. Korora 25 is now available for download and its based on Fedora 25. Korora features a beautiful desktop in Live DVD. I run this Korora 25 Gnome edition on my Lenovo ThinkPad T450 using Live USB mode. Everything works fine including all animations. Its a great experience testing this beautiful Linux desktop. Korora 25 is powered by Linux Kernel 4.8.11, Gnome Shell 3.22.2. Korora 25 brings the power of Fedora 25 to your desktop in beautiful ways.

Korora 25 Default Desktop

Gnome Application Menu

Included Applications

There are many installed applications along with the Live ISO. You will find Firefox, Brasero, GIMP, Darktable, Pitivi, Inkscape, Handbrake and many others. Korora 25 is a ready to use Operating System for end user. With less effort you can get almost everything you need.

korora 25

If you want to try Korora 25, I highly recommend to use Live USB mode. I cannot get this OS run on my Virtualbox. You can use Rufus to create Korora Live USB if you are running Windows OS.

Download Korora 25


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