Linux Lite 2.4 Review and Screenshots Tour

Its a never ending story about Linux. Another beautiful, easy to use Linux desktop is here. This is Linux Lite 2.4, an Ubuntu based Linux distribution designed for both new and advanced users. Linux Lite 2.4 comes with many interesting features such as better and easier installation process, suitable to be installed on PC, Laptop or even virtual machine. Linux Lite 2.4 is currently the most recent stable release available. One thing that I miss is the EFI supports.

linux lite 2.4 screenshots 1

The Desktop

Linux Lite 2.4 features a simple desktop environment. A classic start menu placed on the bottom left for easier access. All applications and settings can be reached through this Linux Lite start menu. The Live mode comes with Guest Additions installed, so it supports full screen mode on VirtualBox.

PreloadedĀ Applications

There are many applications installed by default, grouped into categories. You will find LibreOffice 4.4.12, GIMP Image editor, VLC Media Player, Firefox web browser and many more. If you need more software, you can install it via Lite Software and Synaptic Package Manager.

linux lite 2.4 screenshots 3

Fully Customizable

Like many other Linux, Linux Lite can be modified or customized easily. You can change its icon theme, window decoration and many other sections with ease.

linux lite 2.4 screenshots 2

Download Link

To download the most recent Linux Lite 2.4 ISO, you can simply navigate to this page.


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