Linux Lite 3.0, a perfect Linux for your Desktop

Still looking for the perfect Linux desktop for your computer? Have you tried Linux Lite 3.0? Linux Lite 3.0 is an Ubuntu based Linux desktop with so many interesting features. It has everything you expected from a Linux desktop. Linux Lite 3.0 comes with a beautiful desktop, many useful applications and some of tweaking tool that you won’t find on any other Linux desktop.

If you are switching from Windows XP or Windows 7, you will also love Linux Lite 3.0. Its application menu will remind you to Windows 7 or Windows XP start menu.

linux lite 3.0 screenshot 1Any installed applications/programs can be accessed through this start menu.

The Desktop

linux lite 3.0 screenshot 2Linux Lite 3.0 implement a customized XFCE desktop which is simple, clean and beautiful. Its powered with XFCE 4.12.

The Settings Manager

linux lite 3.0 screenshot 3You can find many customizable sections on Linux Lite using the built in Settings Manager. You can easily change the desktop appearance, display settings, firewall, the panel and many more. You can choose from many beautiful wallpapers and icons.

linux lite 3.0 screenshot 4Add/Remove Software

linux lite 3.0 screenshot 5Software management never been this easy. Synaptic 0.83 is there for you to add or remove any programs you want. Simply type the software you want to install, mark for installation and done.

You will have some “basic” software such as VLC Media Player, Thunderbird mail, LibreOffice, GIMP, and Firefox web browser on Linux Lite 3.0 default installation. But there are pretty useful software such as Lite Software and Lite Tweak which is built and developed by Linux Lite developer.

linux lite 3.0 screenshot 6

Lite Tweak is used to tweak Linux Lite system. You can find many tweaking menu on this application. And the Lite Software is used to install many third party software that is not available through official Ubuntu repository.

linux lite 3.0 screenshot 7Linux Lite brings Linux desktop to the next step. Grab it while hot.



  1. What about the Security of Linux Lite 3.0?
    Does it has all the Ubuntu current security implementations? And does it update from Ubuntu official repositories the regularly enrolment security patches?

    • Yes, Linux Lite 3.0 uses the Ubuntu official repositories which allows us to get the most recent/updated security patches.

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