Manjaro 15.09 Xfce Installation Tutorial

I just downloaded the latest Release Candidate of Manjaro 15.09 XFCE edition. Now I want to install this Manjaro 15.09 on my computer. Its a good, simple and lightweight distribution. The installation only took few minutes. The new Manjaro 15.09 comes with new Bellatrix Installer. It has better user interface and more user friendly. Any new user can install Manjaro without problems.

Boot Manjaro 15.09 with the ISO. You may download the ISO from this link if you don’t have it yet. From the desktop, go to Menu | System | Install Manjaro Linux. On the first Bellatrix Installer window, select your preferred language.

manjaro 15.09 installation 1

Press Next and select your current time zone / region

manjaro 15.09 installation 2

Select keyboard layout

manjaro 15.09 installation 3

Disk Partitioning. Please be careful on the following step. We can choose to overwrite a partition or the whole disk. The first option, we will be offered to choose which partition will be erased. And the second option, the entire disk will be erased and Manjaro will be installed on it. Or you can choose manual if you are an experienced user.

manjaro 15.09 installation 4

I choose the second option. Now I need to select which disk to be used for the Manjaro installation.

manjaro 15.09 installation 5

Create new user and administrator

manjaro 15.09 installation 6

Review your settings before you proceed to the installation

manjaro 15.09 installation 7

The installation will take place. Reboot when finished.

manjaro 15.09 desktop


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