PCBSD 10.0 Screenshots Tour

PCBSD is a popular Linux Distribution based on FreeBSD. I just installed the latest PCBSD 10.0 on my VirtualBox on Windows 8 machine. I can get the full screen capability without having to install Virtualbox guest additions on PCBSD 10.0. The installation takes a while because there are many applications installed by default on this Linux distro. Here I want to show you the PCBSD 10 Joule screenshots with KDE desktop environment.

PCBSD 10 Login Screen

pcbsd10 screenshot 1

PCBSD 10.0 KDE Desktop

pcbsd10 screenshot 2

Konqueror web browser on PCBSD 10.0

pcbsd10 screenshot 3

PCBSD 10.0 Control Panel

pcbsd10 screenshot 4


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