PCLinuxOS 2014.05 Screenshots tour

PCLinuxOS is an old and still alive Linux distribution. It has many fans all around the world. PCLinuxOS is one of the most beautiful distribution in the past. Many new modern look distributions have born and this made the developer of PCLinuxOS work hard to improve their product. Introducing the new version of PCLinuxOS 2014.05. Comes with a redesigned UI, simpler and more responsive. Here are some PCLinuxOS 2014.05 Mate edition screenshots. You can download the PCLinuxOS 2014-05 iso from our page.

PCLinuxOS 2014.05 Mate edition screenshots

1. The desktop

pclinuxos 2014-05 screenshot 1

I like the default icon on the Mate edition. It looks match with the default wallpaper.

2. File Manager

pclinuxos 2014-05 screenshot 2

PCLinuxOS 2014.05 uses Caja 1.8.0 as the file handler. It so simple and responsive. It uses single click to open folder or files by default. You can change it to double click if you want.

3. Application menu

pclinuxos 2014-05 screenshot 3

PCLinuxOS 2014.05 Mate edition comes with a simple application menu. It reminds us to the legendary Windows XP menu. Compared to other application menu on Gnome 3 or Unity, Mate app menu responds quicker and good for a low powered notebook or PC.

4. Synaptic Package Manager

pclinuxos 2014-05 screenshot 4

PCLinuxOS 2014.05 Mate uses the Synaptic Package Manager to handle the applications installed on the system.

There are still many things to be explored on this PCLinuxOS 2014.05. Will post some tutorial for this distro in the future. Thank you.


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