PicPick, the best free screen capture I ever used

I have tried many screen capture tool for my Windows. SnagIt, Snipping Tool, Lightshot are a popular screenshot or screen capture tool for Windows. Snipping Tool comes with Windows 7, 8 and 10 for free by default. I love those two tools and was thinking that they are the best. Until I found PicPick, a free and rich features screen capture application for Windows.

Why do I love PicPick?

PicPick has all features I need from a screen capture. I can create a rectangular screenshot, full screen, freehand, scrolling window, active window and some more. Also, PicPick comes with a pretty simple interface.

picpick 1

There are some other tool that you won’t find on the other free screen capture tool such as Magnifier, Color Picker (to pick color from your screen), Pixel ruler, Protactor, Whiteboard etc. PicPick also comes with a built in picture editor. After you take screenshot, this editor will opened and you can edit your picture.

picpick picture editor

The image editor is pretty cool. It has almost all basic picture editing and annotating features such as Draw objects, add text, fill color, add stamps and also add shapes. Additionally, this image editor can be used to upload the picture to some popular online media such as Facebook, Twitter, FTP Server, email. PicPick Image editor can also send the picture to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, send via Skype and also you can set External program as well.

picpick picture editor 1

So, now I have this powerful screen capture tool in my Windows. And its free. You can download the latest PicPick from the official website.


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