PostgreSQL 9.5.3 is available, how to install it on Debian Linux

The new version of PostgreSQL 9.5.3 is now available for download. Debian users may download and install this update on their systems. Many important updates have been made to this release. There are many Debian tutorial showing how to install PostgreSQL on Debian 7 or any other version.

Fix and changes on PostgreSQL 9.5.3

  • Fix query-lifespan memory leak in GIN index scans (Julien Rouhaud)
  • Fix query-lifespan memory leak and potential index corruption hazard in GIN index insertion (Tom Lane)
  • Clear the OpenSSL error queue before OpenSSL calls, rather than assuming it’s clear already; and make sure we leave it clear afterwards (Peter Geoghegan, Dave Vitek, Peter Eisentraut)

For more complete list of changes, you can read the official notes here.

For Debian users, you can install PostgreSQL 9.5.3 or any other version easily. To read the tutorial on how to install PostgreSQL on Debian Linux, you can follow this official guide. The tutorial is pretty straight forward including how to set up the PostgreSQL repository on Debian Linux.



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