RapidMiner Studio – Great Data Mining Software

RapidMiner Studio version is now available for download. RapidMiner Studio is a multi tools collection for data analysis purposes. This software is built on top of Java technologies. This data mining software for Windows will help you to browse through the data and then you can easily create models in order to identify trends in few easy steps. The RapidMiner Studio Full Version price around $2500, a pretty expensive for personal use but if you are data miner and modelling professional, you can rely on this software.

rapidminer studio full version

You may try RapidMiner Studio for free. Simply download the free trial version and you can quickly start browse your data and model it. You can request free trial version of RapidMiner Studio here. You will get a full version of RapidMiner Studio at a limited time.

The program aims to give you an intuitive and effective tool for analyzing data from multiple sources. Due to this fact, RapidMiner Studio permits you to load the required information from plain text files, Office documents and even data source servers such as for example Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

In order to begin data analysis you will have to create a new task and import the data from an external data source. The included wizard allows you to specify the data collection and detects duplicate data so as to prevent errors. The Operators panel permits you to choose the tool that you need to use and drop it on the main process window. In this article you can visually arrange the required tools, hook up multiple operators and specify the execution purchase prior to starting the analysis.

RapidMiner Studio Full Version is a commercial software. Please refers to the official website to obtain more information, pricing and download link. We do not provide RapidMiner Studio crack, serial number or any other illegal material.


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  1. Cant be used without advance tutorials and at least with 2 years of learning visual programming + scripting in order to use it efficiently. Everything else is just a guessing. U have to know exactly just like in classical programming how, when and what in order to know exactly what is going on. So bold saying that is easy to use is just a lie. For what so ever NN’s out there there is no easy use of, it just look’a like it is easy given false premise of such applications. Visual programming have also weird hard to understand logic behind it so – not easy at all coz u can make various connections between modules that would v.p.l. logic allow but can lead to internal workflows logic errors, some not even discovered yet, some not documented but known and there is no tutorials about what to avoid in v.p.l. At the end your results maybe questioned big time if u get some. And that is valid for all of such V.P.L. applications. That’s why pros use classical programming for NN’s and AI.

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