Remix OS 3.0 Screenshots Tour

Remix OS 3.0 has been released with many improvements and better support for PC and Laptop. I am writing this post using Remix OS 3.0 runs from my USB Flash Disk on top of Lenovo ThinkPad T450 series. Everything works perfectly. Even it runs from a USB Flas Disk, I don’t feel any lag or performance degradation. I use is as Live Operating System where no settings will be saved permanently. We can also choose to install it to PC if we want to.

Here we have some screenshots of Remix OS 3.0

Welcome greeting on Remix OS 3.0 Guest Mode

remix os screenshot 1

Select the language

Remix OS Screenshot 2 Accept End User Agreement

Remix OS Screenshot 3

Activate the WiFi

Remix OS screenshot 4

At this point you can enable or activate the Google Play support for Remix OS. When this feature is enabled, we can install applications from Google Play Store.

Remix OS Screenshot 5

Finally, Remix OS 3.0 Desktop is ready

Remix OS 3.0 Desktop

Remix OS 3.0 File manager. Its very easy to use and it detects every connected hard drives or partitions on my computer. Even Windows 10 partitions is well detected and usable under Remix OS 3.0.

Remix OS File Manager

Google Play Store installed on Remix OS 3.0

Google Play Store on Remix OS 3.0

Remix OS 3.0 is the most advanced, sophisticated Android OS runs on PC and Laptop. I haven’t found any other Android OS ported to PC platform as good as this Remix OS 3.0. Its very easy to use, fast and user friendly, even for new users.


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