Remix OS Player, Run Android Marshmallow on Windows 10

There are several applications or emulator that can run Android on top of Windows 10. Virtualbox, Genymotion, Bluestack are some of the previously known can run Android on Windows 10. Recently there is another software that lets us to emulate Android Marshmallow on Windows. Remix OS Player, a program developed by Jide is an Android emulator that comes with the most recent version of Android Marshmallow. We can run Android Marshmallow on Windows 10 with this free software. The installation and configuration of Remix OS Player is very easy, easier than Virtualbox, Bluestack or Genymotion. Also, Android inside Remix OS Player performs much better.

android marshmallow on windows 10

Android Marshmallow on Windows 10 with Remix OS Player

Another benefits of using Remix OS Player compared to other emulator:

  • Better performance
  • Full screen support
  • Wifi and LAN network support
  • Google Play Store support
  • Easy to install


Its pretty cool isn’t it?

To run Android Marshmallow on Windows 10, please follow these steps

Step 1. Download Remix OS Player 

Step 2. Install Remix OS Player 

Simply double click the .exe file and follow on screen installation wizard. During installation you will be asked to enter the directory to install Remix OS Player and also you can allocate the CPU and RAM resources for the Remix OS Player. Then, it will download all files required from the internet. So make sure you are connected to the internet during installation process.


Step 3. Run Remix OS Player

Once installed, you can now open Remix OS Player from the installation directory on the previous step. Click Advanced Settings to specify or allocate resources for Remix OS Player.


Press Start button to boot up the Android Marshmallow. On the first run, you will need to configure it first. Simply pressing Next button you will be end up with Android Marshmallow desktop.


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