The top 3 places to go on an adventure motorcycle ride

You can enjoy motorcycle riding adventure in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean among other destinations. You should get the necessary spare parts from SoloMotoParts to caution you from a breakdown of the motorcycle which can ruin your adventure. You may review popular motorcycle ride adventure destinations online. It is good to go for an adventure with friends or family. You should also opt for top adventure places in the world. They are more exciting and offers you a more challenging experience.

Here are the top 3 places to go on an adventure motorcycle ride;

1.    Historical sites in France and Germany

The ride covers memorial sites from world war one and two. When you go for this ride, you will rent a bike, from the organizers. You are expected to cover at least one hundred and forty kilometers per day. That is why they insist on getting a bike that can cruise through the rough terrain. You should have some experience in motorcycle rides and also be willing to ride through the scenic routes. Some highlights of this adventure are the visit to Reims, wine tasting at Dom PĂ©rignon and a ride through the beach. The ride takes approximately seven days, and it starts from Strasbourg, through the memorial sites for world war one and two, and up to Paris.

2.    Marrakesh Loop in Morocco

This adventure ride takes up to eight days in Morocco. Daily rides are usually at least one hundred and twenty kilometers. There are tour guides to ensure that international tourists get the route right. Some of the main features include the dunes of the Sahara, Dades Gorge, and a ride in the Dakar tracks. If you have advanced riding skills, you will enjoy the adventure more. But you need basic riding skills to go for Marrakech adventure. Before you start the adventure, you will get a program on routes to take and destinations. You will enjoy the adventure in Morocco. The locals are friendly too. While in Africa, you may also enjoy rides to the South African cape. South Africa is well known for its excellent climate, breathtaking scenery, and wildlife conservation. You may also enjoy camel riding, spa treatments, and you may also play golf for leisure.

3.    Northern Colombia and Caribbean rides

Some of the main sceneries you will enjoy when on this adventurous ride are the beaches, the mountains, and the jungle. You should carry your riding gear especially the helmet and gloves since you will ride for at least a hundred kilometers per day on through terrain. You may also opt for the Costa Rica ride that starts from the central valley to the Costa Rica mountain range, then up to the pacific coast. The local guides are amazing. They will ensure that you enjoy the ride.

Motorcycle riders should be adventurous. There are many places where you can take rides. With a little research online, you can identify some of the best adventure ride locations. You should get a high-quality motorcycle and always ensure that you carry some spare parts due to the rough terrain that can damage parts of your motorcycle.


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