Ubuntu 15.04 GNOME Screenshots Tour

Just downloaded the Ubuntu 15.04 GNOME edition and install it on my Virtualbox. Ubuntu 15.04 is the current standard release of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 15.04 GNOME comes with many updates and bug fixes. Installing Ubuntu 15.04 GNOME editions is extremely easy. You can also make a dual boot with Windows 7 or Windows 8 as well without problems. Here we have some screenshots of this Ubuntu 15.04 GNOME editions.

The Ubuntu 15.04 GNOME desktop with Gnome 3.14.4

ubuntu 15.04 desktop

Applications menu

ubuntu 15.04 applications


ubuntu 15.04 gnome libreoffice

Firefox 37 on Ubuntu 15.04 GNOME

firefox 37 on ubuntu gnome 15.04

There are still many interesting features which come with Ubuntu GNOME 15.04. Download and install it now.


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