Ubuntu 16.04 Screenshots

Just downloaded the unstable version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop edition. I install it on my VirtualBox as virtual machine. Its a bit heavy to load and run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on virtualbox even I am using Intel Core i7 laptop with nVidia GeForce graphic card. But overall, Ubuntu 16.04 can be loaded successfully on my laptop.

Ubuntu 16.04 screenshot 1.png

Ubuntu 16.04 desktop is pretty much similar to previous version. But, actually there are many changes, updates inside the core.

Ubuntu 16.04 screenshot 3.png

Ubuntu 16.04 comes with Linux Kernel version

Ubuntu 16.04 screenshot 2.png

Ubuntu 16.04 screenshot 4.png

Based on its regular release schedule, Ubuntu 16.04 should be available in April 2016. For now, you may download the unstable version. Download Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus ISO from this official link.


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