Ubuntu 17.10 Review and Screenshots Tour

Welcome to Ubuntu Review. The new version of Ubuntu 17.10 codename Artful Aardvark is now available for download (currently in last Beta). It should be released sometimes this October 2017. This is the first Ubuntu edition that does not shipped with Unity Desktop Environment. This Ubuntu 17.10 brings Gnome 3.26.0 as it’s default Desktop Environment. First think that I can say before we discuss a bit further is the fact that Ubuntu 17.10 is slightly faster than previous version with Unity desktop. I will give a short review or opinion and some screenshots as well. That’s why we put the title as Ubuntu 17.10 Review and Screenshots Tour.

Yes, it is true. We have been testing almost any Ubuntu versions since Ubuntu 12.04 and today we were very happy with Ubuntu 17.10. I am one of many people who don’t like Unity. Sorry to say but Unity is too complex and it is too heavy even for my new laptop. If you want to try Ubuntu 17.10, please visit the following link to download the ISO.

Download Ubuntu 17.10 ISO

Ubuntu 17.10 Review and Screenshots Tour

The Desktop

We will start from the desktop. The default wallpaper on Artful Aardvark is pretty much the same color as any previous Ubuntu versions. Dominated by orange Ubuntu color. The Gnome desktop now in front of me ready to be explored.

I don’t expect too much to it’s Gnome desktop. I have been working with many distributions with Gnome desktop. So, it is fine for me to see almost default Gnome sitting on my Ubuntu 17.10.

Software Center

Let’s jump to the Ubuntu Software Center. I had several issues on my Software Center on Ubuntu 16.04. I almost never use it to install application. I mostly use GDebi package manager to handle my package installation. This Software Center is actually the default Gnome software center. I can’t see Ubuntu modification on this.

I don’t think I am going to use Software Center for software installation. GDebi package manager is way better. What about you?

File Manager

Ubuntu 17.10 comes with Gnome File Manager (Files) version 3.26.0. Nothing special but yes, it is usable and very handy. I love the Connect to Server section where allow us to easily connect to Windows shared folder.

Tweaking and Settings

Inside Settings, you will find many things that can be changed as you like. For example, Gnome dock location, network connection and many more. You won’t find Gnome Tweak Tool installed as default. I think I am going to install it soon.

ubuntu 17.10 review


One thing that I love so far is the overall performance and user experience. I can run Ubuntu 17.10 smoothly on my old ThinkPad laptop without problems. All the animations works well and its pretty lightweight.


Ubuntu is finding it’s new passion after leaving Unity. Ubuntu 17.10, the first non Unity Ubuntu edition not too impressive for me. I was expecting more than Gnome desktop with Ubuntu colors and wallpapers. Many Ubuntu style are missing. So, that’s it. Thanks for reading this Ubuntu 17.10 review and stay Classy.

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