Ubuntu application installer using shell script-in development

I am currently developing a shell/script program for Ubuntu users (Supports all Ubuntu and derivatives systems). I called this program as Gamblisfx. My previous gamblisfx 1.0 version uses the basic shell interface but now on the version 2.0, I use dialog menu to improve its usability for any new Ubuntu users.

The Ubuntu application installer screenshot:

ubuntu application installer 1

To install application, simply execute the Gamblisfx script and the above window will appear. Use your keyboard up and down arrow to select which application to install. Press Enter to start the installation. Its that simple. You don’t have to add PPA or┬ásearch any DEB file to install applications. The PPA and all other things is handled by Gamblisfx script.

So far, the following applications are available. I still working to add more and more apps:

  • Google Chrome
  • VLC
  • Oracle Java
  • Docky
  • Firefox

More to go:

  • BitTorrent Sync
  • Copy Client GUI
  • Conky Manager
  • Skype
  • Dropbox
  • Flareget
  • Gambas 3
  • And many more.

I will post the download link when the final release is available. I hope it can help any Ubuntu newbie to install software easier.


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