Unique and extra ordinary bed design

Bored with your ordinary bed design? If so, you should consider to have one of these beds in your house. These unique and extraordinary beds are awesome. I am not sure if these are exist on the market but you may try to make it by your self. :)

1. Vertical Bed

Ever imagine to sleep in standing position? Try this Vertical Bed.

vertical bed


2. Hamburger Bed

How can I breath if I sleep here?

beds hamburger


3. Giant Nest Bed design

Over all, this giant nest bed is my favorite

giant nest bed


4. Yin Yang Bed

yin yang bed


5. Fetal Bed

Ready to sleep with this position the whole night? Fetal bed is awesome but wierd as well. :)

fetal bed

Find more creative, unusual and extra ordinary bed design here.


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