What features to look for in a mileage tracking app

If drivers had to record all their miles manually, it would be very challenging. Any driver who wants to save on expenses should consider using a mileage tracker. Currently, mileage trackers have developed apps that you can install on your smartphone. These apps provide drivers with flexibility, mobility, and an opportunity to make extra money. However, drivers need to track their mileage for several other reasons. Although there are several mileage tracking apps available in the market, not all will work for you. You have to look for an app with the features that you want. Here are the key features to look for in a mileage tracking app.

  1. Geo-tracking. A mileage tracking app should come with a real-time geo-tracking feature. If you have a large fleet of vehicles, the app should show you the exact location of each car. You should also be able to see real-time driving routes and places of each driver. An excellent mileage tracking app will enable you to monitor the real-time movement of your vehicle.
  2. Reports. Mileage tracking apps should make it easier for you to create and store reports such as Tax Compliant Reports. Apps such as TripLog mileage enables you to create reports that are compliant with IRS rules. The law allows you to deduct $0.575 per mile. However, you need to keep detailed records to claim this deduction. The IRS also requires a receipt for any vehicle expense above $75. A tracking app will allow you to take a photo of any receipt and store it in the cloud for future reference. An app with such a feature will enable you to secure a high number of tax exemptions. As such, this feature offers a perfect way for audit protection. 
  3. Adaptability. Mileage tracking apps should help you with other data entry work. An excellent app should have a feature that allows you to export data to other accounting platforms. For instance, the app should upload data directly into intuiting QuickBooks or spreadsheets.  This way, it will be more comfortable and quicker for you to reimburse mileage expenses to your drivers. This feature will also allow you to upload receipts for other costs such as fuel and parking fees.
  4. Hazard Alerts. When looking for the best mileage apps, select the one that alerts your driver to road hazards such as accidents and bad weather. An app with such features will also allow you to monitor the speed at which your vehicles are traveling. The app will also notify you in case your driver breaks the law or becomes reckless while driving. With such a feature, you can ensure safe driving and save on maintenance costs.

Mileage tracking apps are the easiest way to track mileage. The apps improve accuracy by eliminating guesswork and handwritten math from your business. Using mileage tracking apps will save you time and resources by doing almost everything for you. Additionally, the apps work with virtually any device, from smartphones to desktops


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