Steps to create Digital Ocean account

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I am very interested on Cloud Computing. Amazon AWS is the biggest Cloud providers on earth. They offers many many features for your Cloud systems. But, here I don’t want to discuss more about Amazon AWS. I want to show you how to create an account on Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean provides cloud computing solution with lower price compared to Amazon AWS. But, there are many Amazon AWS features that is not available in Digital Ocean such as load balancing, RDS database and many more.

Digital Ocean is a good solution to start your own Cloud computer at lower price. If you don’t need additional features instead of basic cloud computing, Digital Ocean may be for you. To create an account on Digital Ocean, please follow these steps.

First, open the sign up page on Digital Ocean website

signup digital ocean 1

Enter your email address and specify new password for you account. Press Sign Up. You will received a confirmation link to your email.

signup digital ocean 2

Dont forget to confirm your email. Once confirmed, you can continue to the next step to add the billing information such as credit card or PayPal. Please note that DigitalOcean will review your billing information. Wait for them to verify your billing information. During this process you will need to provide your billing address, your twitter account, and your github account. They will use these account to verify your DigitalOcean account.

Once approved, you are now ready to start creating your first Droplet. Enjoy!

digitalocean account

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