Advanced CSV Converter 4.97, Convert CSV to SQL format with ease

Advanced CSV Converter is a small Windows application that will help you to convert text file format such as .csv or .txt to another formats such as HTML, SQL, DBF and some others. Its not a “fancy” application that has beautiful and complex design on the interface but Advanced CSV Converter simply does it.

Advanced CSV Converter can convert single file and also can convert all files in a folder. It saves time a lot.

advanced csv converter 1

To convert a CSV file, simply browse the file and select the destination format and location. When we press Next button, the application will display the file content. We can specify few things here such as delimiter options and some others.

advanced csv converter 2

Additionally, we can also remove any duplicate on the file. Its a useful option I think. The latest version of Advanced CSV Converter 4.97 can be downloaded from this link. Its not a freeware and you can try this software before purchase. Please note that we do not provide the serial number, keygen, crack or any other illegal material here. Please do not ask us about this. :)


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