Antergos Linux Screenshots Tour

Antergos is a modern, simple, fast and lightweight Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. Powered with Gnome 3.18, Antergos ready to take you to next level of Linux desktop experiences. I really impressed with this Antergos. The beauty of Gnome 3.18 combined with Numix GTK theme and icon really makes difference.

The Desktop

antergos screenshot

Not much to say for the Antergos simple desktop. The left Dock with beautiful icon really makes easier to start using Antergos. A new Linux users won’t regret to try this distribution.

App Menu

antergos screenshot 2

Gnome 3.18 application menu is very stable, usable and beautiful. You can access all installed application from this application menu.

File Manager

antergos screenshot 3

Want to manage your files? Files application is the default file manager on Gnome 3.18 and all I can say is it works like a charm. Easy to use, responsive and is very customizable. Need to connect to remote server such as Samba file share or FTP? You can do right away from Files.

Window swithcer

antergos screenshot 6

Nice and beautiful window switcher on Antergos.

And finally, ready to install Antergos? Cnchi is right there for you. With Cnchi, you can install Antergos to your PC or laptop within minutes.

antergos screenshot 4


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