Atom Text Editor 1.12.9 Portable Edition

Atom, rich features, powerful text editor is now available in Portable format. This means, we can run Atom from a USB or hard disk directly without having to install it first. Atom is a developer best friends which helpful to build program using HTML, PHP, Shell Script and many more.

Atom is not an ordinary text editor. It has so many features, customizable interface, theme and also we can add more functionality by installing additional packages.

Atom Portable Features:

  • Runs a full copy of the Atom editor.
  • Completely portable – runs off a USB, cloud drive (DropBox, iCloud drive, OneDrive, etc.) or hard drive.
  • Does not require administrator privileges, works for any user.
  • No need for any external software – simply download extract and run!
  • Packaged in format for easy integration.

Download Atom Portable from GitHub. Its available for Windows Operating System.


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