How to backup files to Google Drive using Uranium Backup

Google Drive offers a free tool to sync your local directory to Google Drive storage. In most cases, this sync scenario works well but, in case of ransomware attack, both your local and cloud files will be compromised. You can’t use Google Drive Sync application to secure your data over Google Drive. You will need to perform actual backup (with encryption if possible) to Google Drive instead of Sync. So, today I will show you how to backup to Google Drive using Uranium Backup.

Uranium Backup is a great cloud backup software for Windows. It supports many cloud storage including Google Drive, Amazon S3 and some more. The backup job can be scheduled to run regularly. We can also protect our backup using the latest encryption technology. In case of ransomware that attack your local files, you still be able to recover your files from the cloud storage easily.

Steps to backup to Google Drive using Uranium Backup

A. Download and install Uranium Backup

First, download and install Uranium Backup on your Windows computer. If you need more power and flexibility, you will need to purchase Uranium Backup Full Version.

B. Create new backup set

Open Uranium Backup and click New to start creating new backup set. Enter new name and description to this new backup job.

Click Apply to confirm. Now, select which backup you want to perform. There are several types of backup we can do with Uranium. Here I will show you to backup general files and folder with incremental option. So, I choose the first one on the following step.

Now add files or folder to backup

Click Next and provide the backup location. This can be local, network or FTP. Select Incremental backup type and specify how many number of full backup to keep.

Now click OK to confirm.

C. Add cloud backup account

Now we need to add a cloud backup account to the backup set we created. So basically, you will have two different backups. One in local/network/FTP and one in Cloud storage (Google Drive).

Select Google Drive from the list

Now click Connect to connect our Google Drive account. It will open a web browser for authorization.

Click Allow

Now you can see your Google Drive account. Select the cloud folder to save the backup and press OK. You can also set the bandwidth limit if you want.

Click OK and now all set.

Now our new backup set is ready. We can run the job or change the backup schedule.

backup to Google Drive using Uranium Backup

Thank you for reading this how to backup files to Google Drive using Uranium Backup.


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