Backup Windows 10 partitions using Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is a rich features backup and cloning software for Windows. Its a professional (paid) backup software for Windows but it also offers free version. And here I will show you how to backup Windows 10 using Macrium Reflect. You may download Macrium Reflect installation file from the official website here.

macrium reflect

To perform Windows 10 system backup using Macrium Reflect, open the software and on the main window, go to Backup and select Backup Windows. Then you will see the following window displayed

backup windows 10 system

Macrium will automatically detect which disk that contains Windows system and automatically select it. Next, specify the backup destination. Then, we need to modify the backup plan. On this section, we can select a template for the backup plan. But we can also specify our own.

backup windows 10 system 1

Next you will see the backup summary. Click Finish

backup windows 10 system 2

Next you can save the backup settings

backup windows 10 system 3

Finally, the backup process can be started.

backup windows 10 system 4


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