Download Mac Linux USB to create Linux Live USB on Mac OS X

If you own Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or any other Mac OS X powered PC or laptop, and you may want to try to run Linux on your Mac, you can try this Mac Linux USB. Mac Linux USB is a small graphical application that will help you to create Linux Live USB on Mac. Then you can boot your Macbook with the USB flash disk.

Mac Linux USB features:

  • Safe for USB Flashdisk. Your existing data won’t be wiped as long as it is formatted as FAT32 already.
  • Supports most recent Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS and many more.
  • Persistent supports. You can save your data and settings in the Linux Live USB
  • More information please read this.

mac linux usb 1

Mac Linux USB Loader is very easy to use. Simply plug your USB flash disk to your Mac and run the application. Click Create Live USB and select the Linux ISO. Or, you can also download the distribution right away from this app. If you want a guide on how to create Linux Live USB on Mac with this tool, you can read this guide.

To download Mac Linux USB Loader for Mac, please use this link.


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